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Discover what makes Optosys the most comprehensive practice management software for Canadian optometrists and opticians. See firsthand how our all-encompassing PMS cuts back countless administrative hours and greatly improves patient-clinic relations. Try the intuitive, cost-saving solution for free!

Managing your optometry
clinic couldn’t be easier

  • Connect electronically to clinic equipment.

  • Automate online appointment booking and rescheduling.

  • Simplify communications and notifications.

  • Access highly detailed patient profiles and preferences.

  • Generate easy-to-digest reports and KPIs.

  • Download supplier catalogues.

  • Integrate with Telus Health eClaims.

  • View schedules remotely.


Foster patient and customer loyalty

In addition to streamlining your operations and back-office to-dos, Optosys provides a slew of features that enhances the client experience. Specifically, an intuitive patient portal gives those visiting your clinic more autonomy, which builds trust. It’s a win-win.

Pair with this portal automated appointment reminders, SMS communications, and a slew of other patient-centric features, and you’re fostering smooth, highly personalized services that set your clinic apart.

  • Give patients more autonomy with the patient portal.

  • Better serve patients with the help of profile photos, communication preferences, and family links.

  • Appreciate quick and easy search functions with customizable tables and columns.

  • Send automated reminders and alerts via email and SMS communications.

  • Stay organized with smart patient task

  • Easily manage private and provincial insurers.

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Designed to evolve with your practice, equipment, and clients, Optosys consolidates all the right admin and sales solutions to keep your clinic running smoothly and effortlessly.

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Tried and tested, our software sets industry standards—largely because of our experts supporting it. Our dedicated software gurus follow a rigorous quality assessment process and engage with clinics like yours to ensure feature serves as a stable, reliable solution you can count on.



Unquestionably, your data’s integrity and your business’s integrity are deeply intertwined. To help you rest easy, Optosys employs data encryption processes and user access management is made easy.



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Constantly innovating, we invest heavily in R&D to create products and solutions that can expect the unexpected and accommodate new industry trends. With free and frequent updates, we ensure our software keeps in step with your clinic’s growth and evolution.