Fully integrated and secure optometric exam forms

Save paper by sending electronic forms directly to your patients. The forms can be completed remotely prior to them coming to the appointment.

Optosys Formulaire

Revolutionize the way forms are managed. Create customized electronic surveys targeted to your patients. Save time and paper with this quick, simple and effective solution.

Patients can complete forms online:

  • When booking their appointment online.

  • When they are in the waiting room (local link).

Submit the appropriate form based on the desired information.

  • Visual health form.

  • Lifestyle questionnaire.

Quick and easy access: open the patient’s electronic medical file and add the information received in the form.

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Optosys saves

Offer your patients a user-friendly all-in-one service by combining this solution with that of Optosys Booking! Contact a member of the Optosys Solution team to learn more.

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