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The Company

Our company has 40 years of experience in optometry. Together with eyecare professionals and development specialists, we are constantly improving the Optosys software.

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Technical Support

Our technical support specialists work closely with you to find solutions and allow you to take full advantage the software to help your clinic grow.

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Online booking and eForm

Today we had five patients book online appointments. I just checked my computer remotely and 3 people made appointments after our clinic closed. This is great, people can make appointments outside our business hours and it makes our staff more efficient.

Christopher Herriot, Optometrist
Fort St John, BC

Primary Contact and Recall List with Optosys

I have been using Optosys for nearly a year and I find it very easy to use. I link family members when doing recalls and after a year, most members are linked. This way, each call is more productive. All family members can be contacted with one single call and all their information is at my fingertips. I can also tell at a glance if a family member has a balance owing.

Madeleine Laplante, Secretary/Receptionist
Chambly, QC

Online Booking

The new online appointment is very successful. In the four weeks that it has been operational we already have 15 NEW patients scheduled for my associate (we did not put my schedule online). We have done absolutely no advertising or promotion.

Dr. Josée Martineau, Optometrist
Ottawa, ON


Optosys is a complete software that meets all the needs you may have as a clinic owner and that greatly simplifies your life. With the various modules offered as a package or à la carte, we can really customize our clinic management software according to our specific needs. I especially like the automated email or text review reminder system. This allows my team to focus on customer service on site rather than waste time every day on the phone to confirm appointments.

Dr. Guillaume Landry-Proulx, Optometrist Owner
Centre Visuel Manicouagan

Our Featured Solutions

Because every company is different, Optosys offers several products to meet the needs of your clinic.

Clinic Solutions

Reduce time spent on administrative tasks and maximize the time spent with your patients or in exams.

Whether you have a single computer in your practice or practices in various locations, you can always access your database remotely. The Optosys solution was designed to meet the needs of a clinic for various management configurations.

  • Optosys Access
  • Optosys Catalogue
  • Optosys Order
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Patient Solutions

Allow your patients to benefit from 24/7 online services to exceed their expectations and enhance their experience

With the Optosys Patient Solutions, your patients benefit from complementary services that allow them to manage their appointments, view your online inventory, access their bills and manage their appointments at any time.

  • Optosys Patient Portal
  • Optosys Form
  • Optosys Recall
  • Optosys Booking
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Online appointment booking

Patients can book appointments online, anytime.
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Order online with just one click

Send your ophthalmic and contact lens orders directly to the lab.
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Simple insurance claims

Direct billing to your patient’s insurance company.
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Customized exams

Use less paper and create your own exam templates.
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