Online booking and exam forms seamlessly & securely integrated

Increase efficiency and grow the number of appointments booked in your practice by allowing your patients to complete their forms online. Optosys makes it simple for you & your patients!

Online Appointment Booking

Synchronize your optometry appointments directly to your Optosys agenda - spend less time on the phone and more time with your patients.

Your patients will love this new feature!

  • Synchronize your eye exams directly to your Optosys agenda
  • Access your agenda 24/7
  • Convey a dynamic and current image
  • Spend less time on the phone and more time with your patients

Online Exam Forms

Revolutionize the efficiency of managing patient forms. Create customized electronic surveys targeted to your patients.

  • Allows patients to complete their form online:
    • when booking their appointment online (eBooking)
    • via an email link sent in their annual reminders
    • via a local link within your clinic (waiting room)
  • Quick and easy access to the information completed by the patient: start an EMR with the information received.
  • Manage several types of forms (Ex.: Visual Health Form, Lifestyle Questionnaire, etc.)
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