Online Booking

The new online appointment is very successful. In the four weeks that it has been operational we already have 15 NEW patients scheduled for my associate (we did not put my schedule online). We have done absolutely no advertising or promotion.

Dr. Josée Martineau, Optometrist
Ottawa, ON

Book an appointment online and using the eForm

Today we had five patients’ book online appointments. I just checked my computer remotely and 3 people made appointments after our clinic closed. This is great, people can make appointments outside our business hours and it makes our staff more efficient.

The eForm in Optosys is a powerful tool that has many uses. You can generate any type of questionnaire needed. Such as case history questionnaire that can be filled prior to seeing the doctor either when they book online or in the waiting room. Using a tablet to complete their health history is a positive experience for the patient as it gives the impression that we are integrating new technology into their health service. It is a novel experience and exceeds what their expectations are for a medical office. The case history questionnaire also improves efficiency and reduces the length of the exam by approximately 5 minutes. Once complete, the eForm is stored electronically on their medical record and can be reviewed by the doctor.

Christopher Herriot, Optometrist
Fort St John, BC

Online Booking – TELUS - OHIP

Optosys online booking has greatly improved patient convenience. We notice many patients’ book appointments late at night or on the weekend when they previously could not have reached our office to schedule. We no longer spend time responding to overnight e-mails or voicemails requesting appointments as they have already scheduled themselves. The feedback from patients has been very positive and the mobile-optimized user interface is easy to use.

We are very satisfied with Telus Health integration in Optosys. We see the benefits of: (1) staff time saving, (2) patient convenience and (3) increased sales. Time is saved because Optosys pre-populates the claim fields. Patients find it very convenient because they do not need to manually complete a paper claim form. Finally, for plans that support "Pay to provider", patients enjoy the covered amount being deducted from the invoice and sometimes choose to purchase more products when they do not have to wait for an insurance refund on a portion of their purchases.

OHIP health card validation in Optosys is easy to use and saves staff time. It is much more user friendly than the telephone IVR, as staff no longer need to spend time on the phone and memorize and interpret response codes. Most important, health card validation has improved billing accuracy and reduced rejected claims.

Marc Hodgins, Manager

Primary Contact and Recall List with Optosys

I have been using Optosys for nearly a year and I find it very easy to use. I link family members when doing recalls and after a year, most members are linked. This way, each call is more productive. All family members can be contacted with one single call and all their information is at my fingertips. I can also tell at a glance if a family member has a balance owing.

Madeleine Laplante, Secretary/Receptionist
Chambly, QC

Optosys has improved the efficiency of our office tremendously!

No longer are staff wasting time dealing with paper files and the rare lost chart. All the information you need to help a patient is right in front of you, organized, and easy to read.

Optosys has revolutionized all aspects of running our office, from reception, insurance, scheduling, online booking, invoicing, insurance receivables, tax, inventory tracking and management, exams, recalls, patient communication, and business management.

The ability to customize many aspects of Optosys – including the exam form was a major reason we chose Optosys.

The ability to mine the software for almost any type of data is a game changer, and is really useful to solve business management challenges.

The software is easy to learn, and intuitive, new staff learn it quickly and enjoy the interface.

I’m constantly amazed by the level of tech support and customer service the OSI has provided for the Optosys software. Frequent updates and communication with the evolving needs of our office ensure that Optosys is never ‘out of date’.

Dr. Darren Wagner, Optometrist
Brooks, AB